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Major Jay Fox Memorial Scholarship


Looking for excellence in Agriculture? The Outstanding Young Farmers Program (OYF) gives everyone an opportunity to nominate young farmers who are worthy of the recognition.

Major Fox Memorial Scholarship winner Devon Fox

In your opinion, what could be done to retain a larger number of young people in agriculture in Manitoba?

In my opinion, agriculture is a very humble profession and we as ranchers and farmers need to advocate for our profession. Often we see our profession as a lifestyle that we wish to acquire but we don't speak enough about the business opportunities that are available, about the intelligence of farming, and the skills that we have acquired to be profitable. Throughout Canada farmers are recognized as being hard working, community minded, and ordinary people. We also need to be seen as profitable business men/woman, stewards of our environment, proud of our heritage, and suppliers of food! These are images that will also appeal to our youth. Farmers are a part of something huge and as a young person, I want to join that force.

In Manitoba yearly we lose large amounts of youth to other provinces. How do we keep them? I believe it is partially through education. I believe that we need to offer a greater number of agriculture programs in our colleges and universities in Manitoba. Currently there is limited specialty programs in Manitoba related to agriculture. Upon searching my own route after high school I found the programs and opportunities to further study agriculture in a way I desire are not available in Manitoba. For each student that leaves our province we risk them not returning. We need to be offering these programs in our own province, retaining our own students.

It is my goal to take over our family ranch and it is exciting, encouraging and it is also frightening! I hope that the life that I know and love will be here for generations to come. I hope that when the older neighbour down the road is it sell his place, a young family will move in! Moving to Manitoba was a great choice for my family, and it is home!

Manitoba Outstanding Young Farmers Program
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